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I recommend insurance for all items shipped.

For purchases over $50.
I will pay the insurance.

If interested in purchasing insurance go to the shipping policy page before final check out.


Renaissance Pieces

Many other colors and textures available upon request.  $140.00 Also available in smaller 8 X 9 3/4 size for $94.00

This stunning dragon is 12 1/4 " wide X 10 1/2 " tall. The green dragon has mother of pearl belly, breathing orange fire, dark green wings and lighter green body with red eyes and mouth,  The red dragon has mother of pearl belly with dark red wings and lighter red (pebble-like texture) for the body, also breathing orange fire. This charming flying dragon has a body length of 4 1/2" with a wing span of around 5 1/2" (varies a little with each dragon). Many colors available. $45.00 These graceful flying dragons have a 4 1/2" body with a wing span of roughly 5 1/2" (may vary slightly) $45.00 Many other colors available.
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