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What is that Stone?

Designs of dichroic glass crafted into custom pieces.

One of the frequent questions I am asked is "What is that stone?"  The stone (cabochon) is actually made by placing multiple layers of dichroic glass pieces over colored base glass and then firing them in a kiln at temperatures of 1500-1600 degrees.  This gives the piece it's beautiful depth.  No two pieces are ever alike. 


Dichroic glass originally was a product made for space exploration.  Multiple layers of metalic oxides are applied to a base glass to coat the surface of the glass.  The oxides are applied using an electron bombarder inside a vacuum chamber.  Once the coating is finished it is fired onto the glass.  The result is a glass that transmits one color and reflects another with incredible brilliance and depth.  In 1976 some aerospace workers recognized the art potential in this glass and introduced it to the glass community at the price of $25.00 per square inch!



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